Version 3.80 (beta) released

We're happy and excited to announce a beta release of UnReal World version 3.80.

Being a beta release some of the new features are still slightly under construction and there might be higher bug potential, but the essential new additions are completely playable and we haven't ran into stability issues either.

The most fundamental addition in 3.80 (beta) is featuring the NPC blacksmiths and the process of ordering metalworks from them. For those who haven't followed the earlier news about it we'll toss a selection of screenshots here, and you can find the full changelog later in this post.


Version 3.80 (beta) changelog

This is a beta release. There are likely bugs, things are still somewhat under construction, and some of the listed improvements will be tweaked and polished further in patches to follow.

Characters from the previous version are compatible with this version, but you may want to backup your character folders before loading them in this version. If showstopping problems are encountered you can revert back to previous stable version 3.72.2 which remains still available.

- added: blacksmith NPCs and ordering metalworks from them

Blacksmith is a new NPC type who you can meet in the villages. Blacksmiths can produce different kind of metalworks on demand. This is a fundamental addition which will make a big difference to obtaining iron tools and weapons.
Blacksmith products are culturally dependent and can range from fishhooks to swords. There's also variety among the levels of blacksmith expertise. All the blacksmiths can produce the basic tools needed for the every day life of their local culture, but only the few talented ones can forge more demanding items, like a sword.

* All the cultures do have blacksmiths, but their areal availability varies. Not every village has a blacksmith, but in general there are several within each cultural area.

* You can ask villagers if there's a blacksmith around. The option for this is found from "Ask for help/company" chat mode. If their blacksmith is a highly skilled one villagers are proud to let you know that right away.

* Ordering something from a blacksmith is initiated by talking to them. Ordering options become available upon greeting a blacksmith, or can be found from "Ask for help/company" chat mode.

* Blacksmiths vary in their expertise, but all of them can produce at least decent quality items. The more talented blacksmiths can produce fine or even masterwork items. They will let you know the level of their expertise and outcome of their goods loud and clear.

* Not all the blacksmiths will produce the same items, and the cultural variety makes the most difference there. Also, only the few most talented blacksmiths will be able to forge the most demanding items, such as swords, helmets or specialized knives such as Kaumolais knife or Skramasaksi.

* It should be clear already that metal armours are not really known or used by the local cultures, so blacksmiths do not produce those - except for helmets. So the availability of NPC blacksmiths doesn't change the fact that metal armours do remain as rare imported goods, as they should be.

* Of the swords, a few talented blacksmiths may produce broadswords and shortswords but the other types of swords found in the game are of foreign origin and remain to be rarely found as imported goods. The northern peoples aren't familiar with swords at all, so to find a sword forging blacksmith one has to seek among the wealthy western cultures, or at Kaumo and Reemi.

* You can order one item at a time, which will be payed for after it's ready. Upon confirming your order you can ask what the blacksmith would like as a payment from your current inventory, but you don't have to have enough goods for the payment yet upon placing an order. When the order is then being bartered for, even if you wouldn't have enough goods at first you can cancel the trade and come back to try again with more wealth.

* Meanwhile your order is being made you can ask the blacksmith how is it coming along. They will give you an estimation about the remaining production time. Depending on the item the production times vary from few days to a month.

* If you don't come claim your order within half a year it will be given away. This may naturally lower your reputation among the blacksmith, and the village.

- added: BLACKSMITH game encyclopedia (F1) entry

Village blacksmiths and ordering their goods described in short.

- updated: culture and weapon related game encyclopedia (F1) entries

All the culture descriptions have been updated with relevant blacksmithing information and assorted corrections. Certain sword and axe descriptions have been updated to emphasize that those are foreign weapons not known by the local cultures.

- added: villagers can tell about sages and blacksmiths in the neighbouring villages

Upon asking villagers if there's a sage or blacksmith around, and if there is not, they will now let you if there's one in the vicinity or neighbouring villages. You will then be given directions how to reach the village in question.

- added: animal droppings

Certain animals now leave visible droppings, i.e. feces, that can be found in the terrain on zoomed-in map level. The droppings aren't featured for all the animals, but for those whose droppings are commonly noticeable and relevant. For example the following wild animals can leave droppings: hare, fox, badger, lynx, wolf, reindeer, elk and bear. The domestic animals such as sheep, cows and pigs also leave droppings.
The droppings of different species look a bit different, and upon looking at the droppings with game commands you will be told which animal's droppings it is.
For example: "You see here an elk droppings."
If the droppings are somewhat recent, less than a day old or so, you will be also be told that it's fresh droppings in question. Even if you wouldn't be able to specify their age the droppings work as an indicator of the animal presence at the area. The droppings may remain visible for weeks, but will eventually disappear.

- added: using animal droppings as fertilizer

Using animal droppings as fertilizer isn't necessary, but it's possible - if you feel like it. You can either spread droppings on the ground before preparing the soil and planting your crops, or spread them around after the planting. In the former method the droppings are then mixed in the soil upon preparing it, which is better.
The fertilizing effect is simplified and any amount of droppings will help a little. You don't have to fertilize every tile of the field, but just quite casually spread the droppings here and there.
This extra fertilizing helps plants to sprout and grow more succesfully, so somewhat higher yields can be expected from the fields fertilized with droppings. The effect isn't too dramatic though, since the slash-and-burn agriculture in use already includes fertilization with the ash from the burned woods.
When collecting droppings they appear under a new "Miscellanous" item category in character's inventory.

- added: SMOKING and FIREPLACE game encyclopedia (F1) entries

These will explain the smoking and fireplace heating up processes. In the cookery menu SMOKING encyclopedia entry dialog is shown at Smoking option.

- fixed: getting "carry too much" pick up restriction even if the character's inventory wasn't really full

- fixed: possibility of de-hairing bird skins, or already de-haired skins

It was redundant, and confusing. Now the game notifies you about this being needless.

- fixed: animals and NPCs drowning in shallow waters or small puddles

The issue made NPCs occasionally drown in village wells or puddles, or the animals drown in shallow shoreline waters if they were moving about there a lot eg. when tied in place.

- fixed: quest journal sometimes showing excess NPC portraits on the latter pages

- fixed: meadsweet flowers tile missing

- text corrections: a good bunch typos and grammar corrected, some messages rephrased.

Cheers! Enjou the release!


urw-3.80beta.exe 39 MB
Apr 24, 2023
urw_3.80beta_amd64.deb 31 MB
Apr 24, 2023
urw-3.80beta-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz 33 MB
Apr 24, 2023
urw-3.80beta-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst 33 MB
Apr 24, 2023
urw-3.80beta.dmg 35 MB
Apr 24, 2023

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