Version 3.82 released

We're happy to announce a new version release:

Version 3.82 is now live and released for Windows, Linux and OS X.

This version brings you a whole new fishing method, bunch of fish life improvements and a basket of crucial bugfixes.
Find the changelog below.

Version 3.82 changelog

Version: 3.82

** Saved characters from version 3.80-> are compatible with this version. **

- added: retrievable broken off arrowheads

Occasionally arrows do break upon hitting a target, and now the arrowheads can be also occasionally, but not always, retrieved and re-used. Only the arrows of decent or higher quality will loose the arrowheads in retrievable condition and the arrowhead itself almost always suffers from the quality degrade.
If the arrow breaks from hitting a non-living target you will find the arrowhead on the ground together with the broken arrow item. If the arrow breaks upon hitting a living target the broken arrow part will drop on the ground and the arrowhead gets stuck into target's body. These stuck arrowheads are not visible to the player character when looking at NPCs/creatures, but can be found and retrieved only from the target's dead carcass.

- added: lippo fishing, a new fishing method[/b]

Lippo is a kind of a dip net with a long pole used for catching fish from rivers and shallow waters. Lippo fishing is foremostly practised only at certain times of the year; when the fish to be caught are migrating upstream to their spawning locations, and during the active spawning period.
Fishing with a lippo in the rivers and rapids is done by standing on rocks in the river. The location is often suitable when there are several rocks around as these are the usual places where both resting and spawning river fish are around and can be caught. Additionally, a lippo can also be used from the shore if the spawning fish are noticed by the shoreline. The lippo is lowered into the water, down to the bottom, and carefully dragged around in order to catch resting or spawning fish into its hoop.
Start using your lippo either by [a]pplying the lippo from the inventory or using the FISHING skill.

- added: LIPPO encyclopedia (F1) entry

- added: craftable lippo

You can craft a lippo from [M]ake menu under [F]ishing category. A lippo is constructed in such a way that it has a wooden hoop into which multiple small birch saplings are tied to. These saplings are tied together at their open ends, so that they form a net like construction around the hoop. The hoop with this net is then fixed to a long wooden pole.
The applicable character skill for crafting a lippo is NETMAKING.

- added: spawning periods for the relevant fish species

The following fish now have their unique spawning periods; pike, bream, salmon and lavaret. During the spawning period the fish gather up at their species specific spawning locations. This can be then taken advantage of by spearfishing or using newly featured lippo fishing.

- added: splashing and water ripples from the fish activity

As the fish spawn in shallow waters they do splash in noticeable way, and there are now splashing sounds to be heard and round water ripples to be seen indicating the fish activity. These are essential cues in order to find the actual fish spawning locations.
There's splashing audio to be heard but you are also notified with a game message. For example "You hear a splash from the east." or "You notice a lavaret splashing in the water." And then there are modestly animated water ripples, a new visual effect that can be noticed in the water where the fish activity has taken place.

- added: encyclopedia (F1) entries for PIKE, BREAM, SALMON and LAVARET

You'll find information for example about their spawning periods and habitats, and the related fishing means.

- improved: spearfishing

It still remains possible to catch lone roaming fish with luck and patience, but now the spearfishing can be considered most effective for catching the spawning fish.
Upon spearfishing you will be now notified about the ongoing fish spawning periods. The messages will tell if the chosen location might be good considering the spawning fish, or if the spawning might be going on elsewhere. These are hints to consider in order to find a good spot, but you are naturally free to try out your spearfishing luck also regardless of the spawning periods and locations.
There are also some changes in the spearfishing messages thorough the process.

- changed: rain visual effect slightly softened with randomized alpha blending

- added: ROUNDSHIELD encyclopedia (F1) entry

- updated: FISHING ROD encyclopedia (F1) entry with a bit of baiting information

- fixed: not being able to use withes as tying equipment when crafting skis

- fixed: encyclopedia tooltips in the inventory not displayed for items with additional item part descriptions

Tooltips were missing for items such as "Hunting bow with no string" or "Fishing rod with iron hook". Now the base items (ie. "Hunting bow" and "Fishing rod") are properly parsed in these cases too and the tooltips displayed accordingly.

- fixed: Old Man's Punt quest dialogue confusions

The quest progression dialogue had gotten tangled with blacksmith related dialogue.

- fixed: NPC archers could shoot arrows from beyond player character's visible range

- fixed: NPC archers could use and shoot back the arrows that had originally hit them

- fixed: blacksmith product price estimation oddities

Quest rewards were discounted from the final blacksmith product prices, but the blacksmiths didn't bring this up in their dialogue which caused confusion and wrong estimations. This was most notable when quest reward would compensate for the whole price and resulted in blacksmith trade preference being blanked (ie. "..give me your .")
Now blacksmiths will speak about how much the possible reward compensates, and give items truly for free with applicable rewards.
Blacksmiths might also have given wrong price estimation for batch of product because of not calculating the number of finished items properly.

- fixed: blacksmiths failing to produce ordered items

Blacksmiths often failed to produce ordered items because of carrying too much load. This prevented the ordered items to be added in their inventory. Blacksmiths kept building up the excess load because the items they got as a payment weren't never removed and restocked from their inventory. Now blacksmiths will restock their inventory before attempting to carry the finished ordered item.

- fixed: usage of TEXTILECRAFT from the skills window or via hotkey not working for migrated characters

- fixed: TEXTILECRAFT skill not improving for migrated characters

- fixed: Chat command causing fade to black after being forcefully woken up by an NPC



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