Enhanced Soundtrack released on Bandcamp

Composed and performed by the devs themselves,

wished for by the adventurers,
the primeval musical journey into the far north is now available!

UnReal World Enhanced Soundtrack has been released on Bandcamp.

The soundtrack brings you the game musics plus three selected spin-off hit songs along the way.

It's quite well known that Sami (creator) has been developing the game for ages, but he's been also been creating and performing variety of music for ages. And ever since the early days of UnReal World together with Erkka (co-designer) they've enjoyed and pursued creating primitive and traditional music together. And along that long way we've been constantly wished for more musical works,
or even a compilation album. So, here you go:

The soundtrack features music composed and performed by the very devs themselves between the period of 2013-2023.
For the so-called Kalevala melody featured in the unforgettable theme song we are to thank featuring Kantele musician Lani K. Thompson.

All the tracks have been re-mastered for the purpose, and there is a one fresh song (Into The Far North) exclusively created to be premiered on this soundtrack. With all the tracks mainly played with authentic traditional instruments, including human voice, this is a primeval musical journey into the far north.

The soundtrack ends with 41 minute long shamanistic frame drum driven journey, which can be also looped. In the game we hear variety of shorter clips selected from this massive track, but it also works nicely as an independent background music for many kind of meditative sessions.

Onto a musical journey into the Far north we shall take you ...

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