3.72 hotfix patch for OS X and Linux released

Hotfix patch for Linux and OS X has been released. Find the changelog below.

On OS X there were some weird random oddities namely with map rendering and menus. We certainly hope this hotfix clears 'em all. Because nature of OS X issues seemed to be system related don't hesitate contact if you're still bothered with some weirdness.

Version 3.72 (patch #1) for Linux and OS X


- [os x] fixed: walking through walls

- [os x] fixed: fistful of random oddities with map view and menus

- fixed: character portrait being shown in message log screen

- fixed: character portrait not showing up after using encyclopedia in skills menu

- fixed: arrows picked from villages not tagged as unpaid


Should you encounter any more showstoppers let us know and we'll continue the bug hunting.

And hey, we also wouldn't mind hearing the good news if this patch now cleared the issues on your end, dear OS X adventurers!



urw-3.72.2.dmg 35 MB
Jan 06, 2023
urw_3.72-patch1_amd64.deb 31 MB
Jan 03, 2023
urw-3.72-patch1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz 33 MB
Jan 03, 2023
urw-3.72_patch1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst 33 MB
Jan 03, 2023

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