Version 3.72 released

Version 3.72 is now released. 

As always, unless mentioned otherwise, your old characters are compatible with this version.

Here's the changelog:

Version 3.72 (stable):

- improved: NPC archery checks to avoid hitting unintended friendly targets

          Before shooting an arrow NPCs can now consider the risk and possibilities of hitting an unintended friendly target, ie. members of their own party. Depending on their risk assesment the shooting NPCs may then choose to take or not to take a shot. The higher the risk, the less often you'll see the NPCs using their bows.
          These improvements will change NPCs archery behaviour to quite an extent, especially if there are several NPCs being engaged in a fight or hunt, and moving within the risky zone. In general you will see NPCs being more careful with archery than before.
          Now you can also feel more relieved about your own archer companion's behaviour. They won't be taking seriously foolhardy shots which might put you, your dogs or anyone else in your party at risk of being wounded by an unintended arrow hit. This will also sometimes make hunting with companions to proceed differently than before. See, if there's is a pack of dogs, or melee armed companions, running in front of capable archers it might be that they have difficulties to find a spot to make a safe shots to the target. Many new scenarios may arise, and occasionally you may need to build new tactics based on the new NPC behaviour.

          Lastly, in the heat of the archery combat accidents can still happen. That possibility hasn't been excluded, but now these things should happen way, way more rarely than before.

 - improved: aggressive NPCs waypointing to their enemy

          Agressive NPCs may now choose to use slightly winding routes to their enemy, instead going for the shorthest and straightest route. These new tactics aim to give NPC archers some free space for shooting, and to increase chances for group of NPCs to nicely encircle their enemy.

 - added: vastas can be found in village saunas during the appropriate season

          Villager made vastas will now appear in the village saunas during the season when it is possible to make them. This is mostly an atmospheric addition, but also works as an indication for the player character that the birch trees are now in good leaf for making a vasta.

 - added: random character name option

          Upon creating characters and choosing their name you can now randomize a culturally relevant names for them. Pressing tab or asterisk (*) will bring up random names which you can then confirm with enter, or modify at will.

 - added: water temperature affecting to spoilage rate of the fish caught in nets

          The colder the water the longer the fish will now keep good in the nets. The effect isn't all too drastic, but still functional. In the coldest waters during the wintertime you can expect a few days longer preservation times compared to the average.

 - changed: name/sex/culture character creation selections order -> culture/sex/name

          As the random character name option needs to know the culture and sex to pick up a relevant names these selections now come before choosing the name.

 - changed: "quick and easy" character creation mode now randomly chooses also the culture and sex

          Previously there was no randomization in that regard, but Kaumolais male was always chosen. Otherwise this character creation mode mode remains the same assigning rest of the options automatically and starting nearby a village.

 - added: "Harvest and pick" agriculture option

          The good old harvest option only cut down the crops, but this newly added option also automatically picks up the harvested plants to character's inventory. For clarification the existing "Harvest" option is now renamed as "Harvest down" in the Agriculture menu.

 - added: domestic animals in the villages will withdraw from player character's way

          Moving towards a domestic animal will now make it to withdraw from your way. This is to prevent the character from getting jammed eg. in small buildings with village dogs.

 - modding: increased maximum number of character portraits in each category up to 250.

 - added: watercraft marker icons on zoomed-out wilderness map

          When leaving punt or raft on the zoomed-in map the corresponding marker icon is now shown on the zoomed-out wilderness map.

 - enhanced: message about the markers at wilderness location

          Instead of given information about each marker with their own message now a summary of all the markers is given in one sentence. For example: "There is a shelter, set traps and a punt at this location."

 - added: confirmation to start a fire on some occasions

          You will be asked a confirmation to start a fire in the following conditions:

          1. There are valuable items to be burned down where you are about to build a fire.

          2. You are building a fire indoors at other than fireplace location.

          These confirmations will prevent the unfornate cases of accidentally setting your house or valuable belongings on fire.

 - adjusted: party members fire making safety checks

         From now on your companions won't ever start a fire at a location with items on the ground. Previously they might accidentally set a pile of items on fire.

 - enhanced: rendering of the portraits

         Character portraits are now rendered directly to the screen using the available resolution. This makes the portraits appear more crisp and clear. This enhancement affects to various game screen where portraits are being used; quest info display, list of ancestors, character profile, chat screen, etc.

 - added: two new character portraits, one western and one sage

 - SDL update: updated to newest SDL 2.24.0

          Updated SDL release includes a good deal of bugfixes which may have hampered some systems.
- reworded: "The sauna" game course task description

         The task description of taking a sauna bath was outdated. Now it's reworded to feature the current mechanics.

 - fixed: minimum number of fibre plants required to extract one bundle of fibre

          Previously 15 plants were always required, which was a result of failing math. Now the amount depends on the plant and its' fibre yield, and the minimums are 5 flaxes, 8 hemps or 15 nettles.

 - fixed: flowering plants providing also seeds when treshed

          The seed production code apparently has gotten broken somewhere in the earlier versions, and you got them upon treshing even if the plant was still flowering. Now it's fixed back as it was and you get seeds only after the flowering period.

 - fixed: sacrificing food in a container mistakenly removed the container too

 - fixed: auto-cut yarn weights calculated wrong

          This bug manifested itself eg. in smoking and drying cookery recipes. After retrieving the auto-cut yarn you found it heavier than expected.

 - fixed: extracting fibre from retted but not dried nettles was possible

 - fixed: extracting fibre from bundles of nettle fibre was possible

 - fixed: carried weight statistics not updating immediately after cancelled crafting

 - fixed: character's height in metric units displayed wrong

         This was a conversion issue within character profile screen.

 - fixed/adjusted: squirrels won't climb to safety in saplings

         Previously they were mistakenly considered being high up in a tree even if it was a mere sapling.

 - fixed: heavy missile weapons getting stuck to small animals

         This is a legacy issue which is hopefully fixed for good now. The bug manifested itself eg. in a situation where you threw a javelin at a bird, the weapon got stuck and the bird flies away carrying it.


That's all folks. Cheers and enjoy the release!


urw-3.72.exe 39 MB
Dec 19, 2022
urw-3.72.dmg 35 MB
Dec 19, 2022
urw_3.72_amd64.deb 31 MB
Dec 19, 2022
urw-3.72-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz 33 MB
Dec 19, 2022
urw-3.72-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst 33 MB
Dec 19, 2022

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