The real world paddling adventures

You see a canoe here.
The paddle wielded as a primary weapon.
You push the canoe into water and jump aboard.

And there, in the real world, 120 kilometer long Kokemäenjoki ("Kokemäki River") awaits...

So, a little while ago Sami (UnReal World creator) went for a lengthy river canoeing trip with a friend, and here comes a little photo greetings from that magical journey.

We travelled with an indian canoe through the whole Kokemäki River in southwestern Finland, all the way to the Gulf of Bothnia, and on top of that some 10 kilometers out to the Reposaari island at Bothnian Sea. The whole journey was about 130 kilometers long.

It took six amazing days of adventuring, and there are a lot more sceneries to show and stories to tell.
For those who are keen to see more Sami will go through the whole journey day-by-day in series of posts at his BuyMeACoffee page with some video footage as well.
Take a peek, all the content there is available for everyone:

But should you then feel like buying a coffee for a weary paddler one of the upsides is that every supporters gets e-mail notifications when future posts are up.

Let's keep adventuring.

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