Going with the flow

Well, hi there everyone!

It's been a while, and time to cheer you up with a few pictures from the real world.
I visited Erkka (co-designer) the last weekend and we refreshed ourselves by going with the springtime flow.
The flow also lead us to playing and recording a piece of primitive music.
The song is well in the post-production phase in my devel... err... mixing chambers and will be released as a short music video showing more footage in the vein of these stills.
After a quite long pause in this kind of recreational primitive arts it was such a good flow that we found and followed.

Erkka (co-designer) on the left, Sami (creator) on the right.

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I haven't been in a forest proper for probably a year at least, perhaps more. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Can't wait to hear the music piece.