Version 3.71 released

A small bugfix patch, version 3.71, has been released to address the following issues:

- fixed: some faulty animal snow penalty calculations

On few occasions the fatigue rate of animals moving in the deep snow wasn't calculated right. This could result either in animals tiring too easily, or too little.

- fixed: distributing offered traded items among foreign traders wasn't always working

You might still end up in "can't carry" trade situation, even though the trading party would have capacity to carry the offered goods. Hopefully this is fixed for good now.

- fixed: Crash/shutdown related character data loss on Windows systems

On Windows system crash or computer power loss might result in character corruption which at its worst erased character data to the extent of making them unrecoverable.
This issue has been now addressed with extra safety measures and internal backups which hopefully prevent the worst case data losses for good. Should you experience Windows crash the game now tries to recover character data automatically from internal backup files upon loading the character again. You may still loose some moments or few map loads in the character's life but the game hopefully goes on more reliably.

- fixed: UrW mobile controller not working on some systems

That's all folks! Happy adventures!


urw-3.71.exe 39 MB
Nov 17, 2021
urw_3.71_amd64.deb 31 MB
Nov 17, 2021
urw-3.71-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz 33 MB
Nov 17, 2021
urw-3.71.dmg 34 MB
Nov 17, 2021

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