3.70 beta, the weather, and the forecast

If you are playing 3.70beta with migrated character there's one trick you should know.

Due to migration issue the weather gets corrupt at some point and to avoid that you should delete WEATHER.DAT file in the migrated character's folder.

Do the file delete when the game is not running, and once it's done there are no further troubles with it.
With new characters it's all working nicely from the very beginning.

We're confirmed to have the above issue and few other lesser troubles fixed for all platforms the next week. That's a new beta release forecast


urw-3.70-beta2.exe 38 MB
Jul 04, 2021
urw-3.70b.dmg 34 MB
Jul 04, 2021
urw-3.70b-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz 32 MB
Jul 04, 2021
urw_3.70b_amd64.deb 31 MB
Jul 04, 2021

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