Beta version 3.70 released

Version 3.70 beta is now available here on Itch.Io.

Things are fairly stable already, but as it's beta release the bug potential is higher than usual.
Should you encounter some crazy problems with 3.70 beta there's still 3.63 stable version available.

The key features of version 3.70 version deal with the moon and the moonlight, fibre processing with new textilecraft skill, snow penalty for all the creatures and snow crust, new character portraits, tying equipment adjustments, craftable fishing rods and usage of baits, option for metric units, and so on.

The list of additions and fixes is long. You can take a look at it here.

Phew! It's been quite a bit of content to add. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the possible beta bugs being minor and scarce. But whatever their size and annoyance level may be, we've got our bows prepared for shooting them down.


urw-3.70-beta2.exe 38 MB
Jul 04, 2021
urw_3.70b_amd64.deb 31 MB
Jul 04, 2021
urw-3.70b-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz 32 MB
Jul 04, 2021
urw-3.70b.dmg 34 MB
Jul 04, 2021

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