Into the Iron-Age eating habits the Finnish Museum of Games shall take you

What kinds of rituals were involved in eating during Iron-Age?

Which UnReal World foods the dev would like to try out?
Would players find the game’s food tasty?
How do flatbreads or ember-roasted turnips actually look like when cooked?

An exhibition about video game food culture has opened at Finnish Museum of Games.
UnReal World is featured in the exhibition in many ways ...
... and the most delicious parts are now served to you within a special downloadable content!

The Cake is a Lie exhibition is on display 24.1.2021 – 31.8.2021 at Finnish Museum of Games, Tampere, Finland.
Even though visiting the physical exhibition is not a possibility for most of us everyone can still get a good taste of it with downloadable publication they have made available.

Deep and delicious downloadable content

From Screen to Plate is an expansion, or DLC to the exhibition. This downloadable .pdf publication explores the writing of videogame food blogs and books, glances at cooking simulators, and marvels at UnReal World’s Iron Age eating habits through an interview and an entire menu to try out.

UnReal World menu is based on the actual dishes you can cook in the game, but now with the recipes and instructions printed out you can try cooking them for real. In the interview Sami (UnReal World developer) talks about the food and its meaning in the game, also covering historical viewpoints and folklore behind the game mechanics.

The publication is really something to take a look at to learn more about the food in UnReal World, and in  some other games too.
You can download it from the links below. There's English and Finnish edition available.

The Cake is a Lie - from Screen to Plate DLC (English edition)

"Kakku on vale - ruudulta lautaselle"-julkaisu (Finnish edition)

The publication is also available as printed A5 booklet for those who have an opportunity to go see the physical exhibition.

Thanks and respect for the Finnish Museum of Games and organizers for the exhibition and the publication.
It was our pleasure to participate, and the outcome is plain yummy. 

For those who can understand it (or just enjoy listening to foreign language)
here's curator’s say and a sneak peak into the exhibition in finnish:

Cheers! Keep on roasting in the free world...

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Hello Sami ! Congratulation !
You might remember.  A while ago I mentionned you that I had a project about the cultural aspects of video games (and more generally speaking what we can do with video games, extra of playing).

One of the subject I will work on in the next few weeks will be "games and archeology"

So I'd love to interview you about that exhibition ! Well, it will be written in french, but it is still some diffusion !


Hey Flap, a pleasure to hear from you!
My reply is terribly late, but surely I'm into an interview if you still feel like it.
Best of luck with the project, and it's good to hear about this kind of things being worked on - here and there :)

Ok ! That's fun that you reply today. I was writing the article about CIDOC CRM Game. A (very) serious game about archeology.

Yeas sure ! I am still up to it. It will be published there :

Actually, what would be great, would be to have both of you (Sami and Erkka) plus one the Finnish Museum of Games curator. Maybe after mid April ?


We can continue this by e-mail, so just get in contact at will.
Me and Erkka are in, but for Finnish Museum of Games staff we need to ask with a bit more details about the topic.