Suggestion reply marathon Oct 2019-Mar 2020

If you are not afraid of some text mass and  happen to be curious about UnReal World development roadmap this might be your post to read.

We (like all the devs) get lots of suggestions and improvement ideas.
The place for those, and other discussion, can be found at UnReal World forums.
Everything is read but time to answer in detail is often limited.


Every now and then we run a suggestion reply marathon, which means giving a reply to each suggestion from a longer period of time.
And now one this kind of marathon has been accomplished covering suggestions and replies from six month period from October 2019 to March 2020. The results are compiled neatly in one forum thread which you can find here:

Have a look and hopefully get slightly clearer view of where the development is going to.

Phew! That was whole lotta replying.

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