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Will the game ever accommodate modern wide-screen resolutions @ 16:9 ratio?

I don't like the screen fill option that stretches the screen, it makes things look weird.

I played the free version a month or 2 ago on the website, and that is my biggest gripe. It looks solid other than that.

Yes, it's our intention to head towards 16:9 ratio. It's a huge task since the load of interface history is super heavy, but we try our best to get it scheduled and process initiated in the (relatively) near future.

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No normal saves = no good way to experiment (not cheat) = no deep knowledge = no way to get good long term knowledge like in real life (for new players) = no wish to play. Period. Change this, please. Game depth is great, but game is inaccessible for permadeath haters.

backup your saves.
if your character dies, the save file is erased - if you backed up your file before, you can just copy it into the saves folder and keep on playing.

I wouldn't call it normal saves. It is definitely not friendly way to experiment in many (lots of) ways.

Save scumming is metagaming. If you want to metagaming use external methods.

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Then playing again and again from start is metagaming as well...

And I mean not save scumming (like reverting bad consequences), but making learn-ahead time point and returning to it as many times as you need to learn variants of doing something (not outcomes!).


this is roguelike, so permadeath is a given, mandatory even imho

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Youth said. Time is precious -- soul said.

"no way to get good long term knowledge like in real life"

"like in real life"

Since when does real life have saves or loading?

You experiment and pay the price. That's how you gain "long term knowledge" in real life and the game. What you want is endless do-overs so that you can in effect never lose.

That is not how a roguelike or real life works.

You understand it wrong. Do-overs is not what I want. I want to do a lots of fancy do-it-mad-way things at certain points and then summarize all experience and after all do what reasonable and live with consequences. In real life you learn all your life, all those years, and there are a lot of people who help you, and luck/quantum effects. But in game you have only limited time to learn what possible. So it's not fair to make player do reasonable things without getting a lot of back knowledge.

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I already purchased the game on Steam after having downloaded the free version from your website many times over the years and now I purchased the game here too. I really admire your dedication and your tireless will to perfect this wonderful game even after all these years. Unreal World is a very unique game and has a unparallelled depth and freedom. It's a pleasure and a privilege to be able to support your work.

Is the itch version updated at/around the same time as the steam version? Or would purchasing off of steam be preferable?


We try to keep it about the same time, during the same day. Occasionally few day delays may come our way, but nothing major.

Thank you!

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Would it be possible to get a .deb package for future releases?

EDIT: I installed the 3.62 with the .deb package and updated manually to 3.63 from the tarball... Tedious work but worked so far.

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Unrealworld is more than just a game... But a 2 decade long adventure of two friends, exploring medieval Finland, and sharing it with us.

URW is both a piece of human and computing history... You definitelly should try it.

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The screenshots do not do this game justice. It's incredibly deep and athmospheric. Like all good roguelikes it is very difficult and can be unforgiving at times(like real life stone age life probably was).

If you have the time to invest and enjoy slow paced survival simulations, this is about as good as it gets!

Any chance you all could offer a Steam key with Itch? I know Midboss does that. Just curious.


Some projects do that but  we like to keep them separate, as some like Steam and some prefer any non-Steam way to get the game.  The players have specifically asked to provide non-steam distribution such as itch.
(Also, if there was a Steam key included the Itch price also would need to be higher, comparable to Steam price, to play fair with the past purchasers.)

Understood. Thanks!


cool looking game i might give it a go.