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Would it be possible to get a .deb package for future releases?

EDIT: I installed the 3.62 with the .deb package and updated manually to 3.63 from the tarball... Tedious work but worked so far.

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Unrealworld is more than just a game... But a 2 decade long adventure of two friends, exploring medieval Finland, and sharing it with us.

URW is both a piece of human and computing history... You definitelly should try it.

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The screenshots do not do this game justice. It's incredibly deep and athmospheric. Like all good roguelikes it is very difficult and can be unforgiving at times(like real life stone age life probably was).

If you have the time to invest and enjoy slow paced survival simulations, this is about as good as it gets!

Any chance you all could offer a Steam key with Itch? I know Midboss does that. Just curious.


Some projects do that but  we like to keep them separate, as some like Steam and some prefer any non-Steam way to get the game.  The players have specifically asked to provide non-steam distribution such as itch.
(Also, if there was a Steam key included the Itch price also would need to be higher, comparable to Steam price, to play fair with the past purchasers.)

Understood. Thanks!


cool looking game i might give it a go.